Storing Sclerotinia

Filter paper

Inoculate a small agar plug from an actively growing culture onto a Potato Dextrose Agar plate and place sterile Whatman #1 filter paper pieces around the inoculum plug.

Allow hyphae to colonize the filter paper. Culture is mature when sclerotia are dry.

Remove colonized filter paper with forceps, place in a sterile key envelope and dry in a desiccator for about a week.

Store envelopes at –20°C in an airtight plastic container that has Drierite desiccant in the bottom.

Dry Sclerotia

Shake mature sclerotia from a PDA culture onto a small petriplate and let air dry. When sclerotia are completely dry (rattle when shaked), place in a vial and store at +4°C in a container containing Drierite desiccant.

Mycelia in DMSO

From an actively growing culture on PDA, cut discs with a cork borer and place in a vial containing 15 % DMSO in sterile water. Store at –80°C. Corkborer#2 (5 mm) plugs fit into cryovials, #3 (8mm) is suitable for 1.5 mL and 2 mL tubes.

Updated 28 May 2007 by Jeffrey Rollins.

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